Lessons In Going

You spend your entire life in one stance

On one side

Knowing which way to go

Which way to turn.


You go

And find yourself on the other side.

Learning how to adapt


Having to go in new directions.

It messes with your brain.

Going against what you know

What you’ve practiced

And knowing how to do something.


Quickly changing to another way of doing something.

It’s important to note

That just when you adjust and feel comfortable

And understand that people can drive on the right side,

They can drive on the left side,

And it works either way,

Vacation ends

And you have to drive on the right side of the road again.

It’s a nice discovery

To know you can drive on either side

And still go forward.

23 thoughts on “Lessons In Going

  1. I’ve yet to travel on the other side, or the wrong side, which over here would be the right side, so best I stay on my side, which is the left side, or better still, I’ll stay in-side…..


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