No Matter How You Speak It


Hate is a cancer.

It grows, it feeds on healthy tissue, and by and large will invade and take over.

Hate is a controller.

You can no more control hate within you, than you can control someone else’s hate.

Hate is hostile.

You cannot hate and be reasonable.

Hate is aversion.

You cannot repair or make better using hate as your tool of implementation.

Hate is ugly.

You cannot persuade me to see beauty by spewing anger.

Hate is a contortionist.

I cannot see truth through warped visions.


Is hate

No matter how you speak it.


50 thoughts on “No Matter How You Speak It

    • A conundrum. Let’s talk it out….. I suppose hating hate makes sense. Unless, just allowing hate to reside in you (me) for any reason is detrimental. Is hating evil a good thing? Or still negative?


    • Yes it is…: ) and conundrum and wrong…; )…I stood at the queue in the supermarket today and asked myself a lot about fear, hate, sadness and desperation and there differences. And than suddenly I thought about the devil and curiously it was the first time in life that I did not feel any fear. I felt sad for him, I felt symphaty and pity for him. He was not great, big and powerful he was lost and sick.
      I was wondering if bad things exist at all, or if anly fear makes things bad? Of course there are negative emotions but are we alowed to call them bad, or are they just belonging to the positive feelings. When so, why are they not regulary distributed? Why are there people who take more positiv emotions and some more negatives? How does these energies change from one person to another?

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  1. But what can we do about it spreading? It’s terrifying. I’m so scared for all of my children and grandchildred. We Catholics have the Miraculous Medal and the Medal of St. Benedict to wear … St. Benedict Medal can be blessed with an exorcism by a Priest who knows how to do it and is willing. It is the armor of God along with the prayers and the Rosary. It helps so much. We have to stay in the state of grace.


  2. Hi Colleen, I missed this one in my reader, I’ve been struggling over the last few days, I think Hate and Fear of the unknown are interwoven, and they feed the ignorance in peoples minds…. hehe, and I dislike[hate] my pain…


  3. I try to not feel hate and try to ignore ignorance. It is hard not to dislike those who are hateful. I feel those who choose to kill are not worthy of pity. I am a little vengeful in my wishing they could just leave this earth before they kill. . . Sparing the innocents is my wish to overcome hatred. 🕊


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