No Energy To Waste

I think I am going to sit here


And consider my actions and inactions

Towards my fellow human beings.

Not to see what others have done wrong.

But to see what I might do differently.

My father used to tell us children to “can it!”

When we were acting inappropriately or unseemly.

Part of me wants to scream that right now.

But I haven’t the mental or emotional energy to waste.

I would rather spend what I have

On what I can do.

And on thoughts of others who need to borrow that energy from me.

My silence is action.



33 thoughts on “No Energy To Waste

  1. Yes, waiting on an answer of what I may do or how I may help. . .
    Silence and contemplation.
    Your trip to Ireland held much to bring Joy, I hope it keeps you filled up for some time, dear!
    On the book shop page I only saw one of your books. Do you have others somewhere else or am.i missing something? I would like to order one! Yay!
    I have booked my first airline trip since my age of twenty something. New Orleans for awhile on my own and then, Long Beach Mississippi to spend time with my college friend. . . 😊 πŸ‘­


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