40 thoughts on “Planted

  1. The joy of gardening, planting and nurturing Mother Earth’s wondrous gifts, and watching them grow and mature is truly the essence of what life is all about. “Imagine” if that’s the way we were !!


  2. An old lady knocked on my door last year,, she was passing she said, and had to knock because her and her husband had built the house I now live in. She wandered in the garden and touched all the mature trees that she planted as saplings and had her own conversations with them all. This has just reminded me. Again beautiful.

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  3. Very touching Colleen! We will maybe never see fully grow into their own, but we can be with them and care for them in our lifetime. And the bigger they become and the older we become, the luckier we will be to see them and imagine that this is going on…..

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    • these are really very nice thoughts which are touching and moving into your heart, because you see, that you leaves something permanently. That your own life has more sense than your own pleasures during life. These thoughts, however, also fill with melancholy, but with a tender melancholy.
      You should always keep this in mind and also life in a way to honor this. Nevertheless, you must also pay close attention to oneself. So that one also enjoy you short existence on the earth. That you have joy in life, with your partner and your family. That you enjoy the nature and that you are happy. Because if you’re unhappy, you can not seed any good things either, I believe.

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