When Bedtime Ends

There’s still that moment.  Ever brief.  Ever fleeting.  Ever present.

It’s night time.

The air, the sky, the world is darkening.

And I think bedtime for the kids.

It’s been a few years since I’ve had to put my kids to bed.  It’s been a few years since I got to put my kids to bed.  Since I sometimes rushed through the work day, grocery shopping, cooked the dinner, did the dishes, yelled for showers, get the homework done before any TV time.   Unsolved Mysteries.  Little House on The Prairie reruns.  Friends. Roseanne.  Or the VCR running “Seven Brides for Seven Brothers” or Betty Boop.   A snack with a show every night.

Reading of Fraggle Rock.  Prayers said.  Amazing Grace sung, poorly but lovingly.

Kids to bed.

Maybe a chance to sit down, fold some laundry while I watch a show on my own.  Sneak a snack I hid from the kids.  Get my stuff ready for work tomorrow.

Do it all over again.  Endlessly.

It seemed.

But it did.


And that moment is never the same.

That moment when bed time ends.

39 thoughts on “When Bedtime Ends

  1. It’s midnight here, bedtime, before I turn into a pumpkin head. My dreamtime beckons, and after reading your lovely post, I think to myself, I’ve missed out on a lot of those moments you beautifully describe. Good night my friend.

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  2. I made a big sigh when I read your last words. Bedtime was a special calm time. Now that all have grown, even the grandchildren to young adults…when I go to bed I say to myself…it’s late and I think they are all in their beds sleeping safely. This gives me peace. Loved your post.

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  3. As a parent who has bedtime rituals and sending off for showers, helping edit essays, preparing lunches for the next day and making sure my work is ready to go, I sometimes long for that time where I got to read more than 2 pages before I am asleep with the book in my hand. After reading your post Colleen, I will remind myself to cherish the time because it is over in a blink and I know I will miss it.

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  4. This is so sad. And it’s kind of funny to be reading this today, after I was reflecting this morning while holding Joseph asleep in my arms, that I didn’t expect or want to do this all over again, but I guess I get to experience all those little kids things again, perhaps for the last time. I should enjoy it. Though I say I didn’t miss it (at all), I will doubtlessly enjoy it while it lasts. (I also remember crying when I weened my last baby, thinking it could be the last time I nursed a child. Turns out, it wasn’t!)


  5. Oh boy! Reading this just kicked me into wild nostalgia! I watch my children with their children and I just want to remind them to keep soaking it up! I feel fortunate that when I look back on “those times” the memories are sweet. Thank you for putting a smile on my face tonight, Colleen.


  6. It is good to let people/parents in the throe of childrearing how quickly bedtimes pass, how they won’t sigh in relief, that this special bedtime is gone. . . They may regret not allowing those precious moments to be treasured. . . More than anything! 🙂


      • Oh, I’m sure it did. I was blessed to have chosen to stay home and babysit once I was a single Mom. One of the young men I potty trained, had me sit at “the parents’ table” at this fancy wedding, Colleen. I amused his friends while there with his silly two and three year old antics, but I had the boy until 11 and his sister, too. (I kept five and my own 3 together for nine summers and seven full years.)
        It helps make up for my lack of retirement funds and other asundry “things.” Yes, we played!


          • It made me cry, at the wedding and at his pride in introducing me to his bride. He once lived in this apt building I live in down the hall. . . We had a few times we caught up. He is a good man, works hard but he is hilarious. He does stand up comedy at Open mic nights. I have gone twice to see him and have photos with his arm around me. I held him when he got hurt and he was very sweet, would wrap his arms around me to hug me at times, growing up. ❤


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