The Every Day Run Of The Mill Kind Of Hero

Not all of us are meant to be heroes.  The,  wear-a-cape-save-your-life-super-human-crusading-life-form, hero.

Some people are just….average.

People who get up and go to work, moan about how tired they are, roll their eyes at the ridiculous of the world who is bigger than they are, plod through a Monday to get to the weekend kind of average human.

Like most of us.

But don’t be fooled.

Or miss the things that the average run of the mill human does.

That makes a difference….to someone.

That person who answers the phone while they’re in the grocery store and as a result adds two more stops to their list of errands to pick up something for the neighbor who broke their leg and can’t drive for two more weeks.

That person who makes a point of smiling, every day, at that one person who never smiles.

That person who volunteers to coach the kid’s team even though that person has never played that sport in their entire life.

That person who spends extra time at work, showing someone else how to do what it is they need to know how to do, so they don’t lose their job.

That person who goes to their friend’s house to help them with homework night after night because the struggle is getting their friend down.  And they want to see their friend succeed.

That person who reaches out, reaches across, reaches down, reaches up-to reach someone.

That person who sees someone down, leans against the wall, slides down to sit with.  And that’s all.

That person who has judgment screaming through their head, keeps their mouth shut, and accepts that none of us are perfect.

That person who answers the phone in the middle of the night because the other person needs to be heard.

For the most part, we’ve been one of these people at one time or another.

Our heroics aren’t measured or noted or kept track of.

But that doesn’t mean they did not happen.

And it certainly doesn’t lessen the value.


48 thoughts on “The Every Day Run Of The Mill Kind Of Hero

  1. yes Colleen, the interpersonal contacts are important to give all people a good feeling. To take care of others make you feel good. It is not a matter of having the reputation of being a superhero, to gain particular merit. The small man often does more for his possibilities than the great world star. It is especially nice when strange people are also involved in this act of interpersonal humanity. Homeless people sitting in front of a supermarket, old people who have difficulties coming down a stairs …


  2. All of the above, and so much more. Perhaps we should form a party, without politics, of “The non super hero little people who try to make a difference for a better life for all.” Doesn’t quite roll off the tongue, it may need some work!


  3. I think sometimes we simply don’t appreciate how much can be accomplished with ordinary people on ordinary days! You describe the best of community, Colleen. We need each other, and if we stay alert, we are able to enhance the lives we touch. This was beautiful to read, my friend.


  4. and everybody is a hero for the one who love him/ her. We should not forget this. This is the most important thing for our hearts. Of course we all should life in a way, that we are little heros to the world. But for this we need love und happiness inside of us. Inside of our hearts.


    • You are right reocochran, if we look carefully we can recognize a lot of little heros around us. may they have the force to make us and themselves happy!


        • Yes you are right. I maintain that I also give very often without expectations. In all possible situations to people of very different relationship to me. It becomes difficult if a single person needs a lot of attention and also gives a lot of attention to you, so that it becomes the real life relationship. So turn to your private life. Then expectations grow because his personal happiness and personal satisfaction depend on it. This is a very crucial difference I find, and there it is necessairy to have expectations, because otherwise you may become very lonesome and sad.


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