I Drove Into That Dark

I woke up in the dark.

Left home.

To travel out.

I drove into that dark.

And found

The moon smiling down on me.

I drove to the smile

Because it beckoned me.


Truthfully I had to leave the house early for a 7 am dentist appointment in another town.ย  The road happened to drive nearly directly to the moon.

And I found it a pleasant drive.

What with the moon smiling down at me the entire way.

43 thoughts on “I Drove Into That Dark

  1. beautiful! On one hand it is terrible to get up early when it is still dark ( especially when you went to bed lately) but on the otherside it is nice to see nature still in moonlight and you are almost alone outside….i love driving into the day, this is great!


  2. Beautiful poem Colleen.

    Something about driving inspires me often too. I use the voice dictation on my phone to capture my thoughts as I go. Love poetry about night and dusk and moons. Something very hypnotic about it all.


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