Placing My Order

I nearly ran in the door and past the counter.  Grinning at him as I passed.  When I came back out he was still standing in the same place.  At his station.  Ready to serve.

Him:  how are you today?  (Big Smile)

Me:  I’m doing great, how about you?  (Big Smile)

Him:  I’m doing awesome.  Thanks.

Me:  You’re welcome


Me:  Why, I like you too!

Him:  I like you being so positive.

Me:  Well, it’s the best way to be isn’t it?

Him:  (Serious face) I wasn’t like this until my father died.  After he died it got me to thinking.  And I rethought a lot of things.  I changed a lot.  After he died.

Me:  What a great way to pay tribute to your father.

Him:  He was an amazing man.  I loved him.

Me:  You’ve given him an incredible gift.  What an honor.

All of this before I ordered my ice cream.

And no one, not a single person in line behind me, sighed, looked impatient, or left for another line.