Placing My Order

I nearly ran in the door and past the counter.  Grinning at him as I passed.  When I came back out he was still standing in the same place.  At his station.  Ready to serve.

Him:  how are you today?  (Big Smile)

Me:  I’m doing great, how about you?  (Big Smile)

Him:  I’m doing awesome.  Thanks.

Me:  You’re welcome


Me:  Why, I like you too!

Him:  I like you being so positive.

Me:  Well, it’s the best way to be isn’t it?

Him:  (Serious face) I wasn’t like this until my father died.  After he died it got me to thinking.  And I rethought a lot of things.  I changed a lot.  After he died.

Me:  What a great way to pay tribute to your father.

Him:  He was an amazing man.  I loved him.

Me:  You’ve given him an incredible gift.  What an honor.

All of this before I ordered my ice cream.

And no one, not a single person in line behind me, sighed, looked impatient, or left for another line.


48 thoughts on “Placing My Order

  1. Awh. Wow! And as an added bonus–you got ice cream! You have such an amazing knack for touching lives in a positive way, incl. those people in line behind you who doubtlessly grew from this experience too.


  2. Oooh, this is such a nice vignette. Perfectly expressed~ so warm and fuzzy I wish I could have been there. Your witness to his personhood places value on both he and his father’s lives, Colleen. ❤


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