I Set Before Him His Path

I drew a man leaning upon a staff.

And I set before him his path.

And behind him

Whatever was – was already past.

He began to wonder.

Free of of my hand, at last.

What he thinks.

Or what you think of him.

Is beyond my control.

Or my need to control.

I hope he has an amazing journey.

Even if he does not stay upon this path.


44 thoughts on “I Set Before Him His Path

  1. You are the master of creation,Colleen, and I agree with Ivor and Infinite living. Everybody has his own path in live, the perspective on one single path depends from where you are looking. But of course you care Colleen,because you drew the path, and this wondering man stucking on his stuff. Well although our paths are individuell, this means fortunately not they are lonely. If he is a person who is very social person, like me, I wish him many joyful moments of meeting people on his way,which shows him, he is on the right way in real life and he has not to wonder too much in his imagination.


  2. This is deeply moving, Colleen. You convey so many possibilities and potential in the freedom you offer to this man. If we treated all of our fellow travelers with this respect, well, just imagine! I think you do! 🙂


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