Life In Color


I’d rather be the one who cusses up a storm

When I drop the cake mix all over the floor.

Than the one who doesn’t screw up

Or cuss at all.

The simple truth is

I’m trying to make myself feel better

For the colorful explosion

That did occur

When I dropped the cake mix on the floor.

I’m passionate about my words.

ALL of them.


59 thoughts on “Life In Color

  1. Mary Mary always mixes her cakes on the floor, it’s much better that way. As she says (while tipping the mixture onto the floor): “If the eggs won’t join the cake, the cake will have to join the eggs” – approximate quote from memory.
    (60s kid’s book character from Joan G. Robinson – don’t know if they made it over to you)


  2. Indeed, Colleen, you are very passionate with your words and there is much to ponder again. The “colorful words” look very vivid on your illustration and more important than the cake mix on the floor… lol.

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  3. I’ve baked a cake and dropped it on the floor, “cuss”, I’ve burnt a cake and thrown it in the bin, “cuss”, but I always think of the colourful passionfruit icing that could’ve been…..

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  4. Someone who doesn’t cuss. Or screw up. Hmmmm. Me thinks that person would be telling untruths. That’s about as euphemistic as I can get. I’m with you on this all the way. Yesterday for me, not cake mix, but broken glass in our garbage disposal. My fault. My cussing. Sunday confessional feels good. I love ya. ❀


    • completely right everybody does cuss and screw up…
      I was also embarrassed with tripping yesterday… no matter no bones broken … cursing was not necessary ..I love ya is always good, and do not forget waste separation…glass is not garbage…AND broken glass brings luck…so your are uphill!!!


        • You aren’t stupid Anie. It’s just language walls. πŸ™‚ She dropped something in her disposal that was glass and that would be so difficult and possibly break her garbage disposal (it’s something in the sink that grinds up stuff that gets in the sink). And when she did that, she cussed. πŸ™‚


  5. Oh, I swear! My favorite one is “sh- -!” I think people know when a bad thing happens, it can be even more dramatic or worse for my mouth to express. My grandkids think when I say “stupid car” or “stupid door!” (sticking) it is considered bad at school. I defend it since one, it is not swearing and two, it is inanimate objects. I would not call a person “stupid” but occasionally call other drivers “idiots” in my mind! Lol πŸ˜€


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