Because It Still Is

I believe this as one of my fundamental life basics.

When you love someone.  When you love a time.  A moment.  An interaction.  You are adding to the foundation of heaven.  With every positive thought you had and have – you are creating.   It doesn’t disappear.  It creates.  It exists.  It’s always breathing.  And the more love shared in this world, the more breath and life you put in to what has been loved already.

Still Is

All that has lived and loved before us, before this very moment today, exists still.   In hearts.  In thoughts.  In memories.   It can’t be taken away.

Negativity….   Things not to be retained and things that don’t matter?   They don’t have life.  They don’t create life.  They have no breath.

In my every day now I want to create and add to life.  And when I need help I can go to my thoughts, my memories, my love.  Because it is full and prospering.

Because it still is.

And always will be.