When I Heard

I already believed in heaven.

But when I heard hospice was called in and you would soon be leaving us, I had a feeling like I’ve never experienced before – regarding death.

Death, suddenly, felt different.

It felt, not real.  It felt intangible.

Love is the most tangible thing we have.

Death is not a thing.

It is a passage.

As soon as I heard that the best thing to do for you was provide comfort, I thought heaven must be excited.  Anticipating.  Eager.  These weren’t exactly clear thoughts.   They were feelings and images.  Images of you being complete.  And radiant.  And so very welcomed.  I did nothing to create these images.  They just were.

I don’t know how to say it exactly.  But, it’s like knowing your death, here, was imminent-  made my belief in heaven a complete knowledge.

You have unlocked that passage and are in the glory of truth.

You are there.

You are there!

When I said my goodbyes to you I told you I would see you again.

And I will.