I Will Decorate This Tree

With your help,

I will decorate this tree.

Leave me a name in the comments,

A name of someone you love-

Someone you miss,

Someone no longer here.

And I will add ornaments from around the world with those names.

The tree will be covered with ornaments of love.

And it will be a symbol of our unity.


Isn’t that the thing that makes us all equal,

All the same,

No matter how different and unique we are-

We love.

And by Christmas we will have the gift of this tree.

A tree that will show us understanding and compassion,

From all of us

To all of us.


39 thoughts on “I Will Decorate This Tree

  1. What a lovely idea …. better than wish tree or fence. Only you can come up with something like this.
    It has be my mum and her friend … plus my friends I lost to cancer: Millan, Inger, Solveig, Bodil & Doris. Thank you so much.


  2. I’ve been remembering Pat Navin lately. And Dad (Bob) and my brother, Bob Jr. And Mark’s brother, Dave.

    You are so compassionate, Colleen! What a beautiful tribute.


  3. My almost 4 yr. old Grandson, Benjamin, just lost his paternal Grandfather this week. We are celebrating a Season of Love this Christmas, as our joy has been shadowed. Please add Grampy Mark on your beautiful tree for him. Thank-you!


  4. It’s been one of those years, for our(Carole & Ivor’s) family and friends, far too many to overload your glorious “Tree”, so just one shining spiritual celestial star from Ivor, saying, “Forever Loving and Remembering You All”


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