A World Of Love

No matter how different and unique we are,

We love.



From around the world you all joined me

In celebrating love.

As I drew each ornament and wrote each name,

I thought of the love that was felt for this person,

And the love that this person had lived.

Thank you for celebrating these people, beautifully.


(Each name shared with me is represented here.  There may be duplicate names because each ornament is representative of someone loved.  I invite anyone who wishes, to share a story of their loved one on this tree, or what part of the world you are from.  I had names shared on Facebook and I had people who read the post who sent me names privately.  And whether a name of your loved one is on this tree or not, I offer this as a very simple and symbolic gift-that the world is full of love.  Because love never ends.)

More names received, tree updated.

More love sent in and added…

And more….

And more….

And more…