A World Of Love

No matter how different and unique we are,

We love.



From around the world you all joined me

In celebrating love.

As I drew each ornament and wrote each name,

I thought of the love that was felt for this person,

And the love that this person had lived.

Thank you for celebrating these people, beautifully.


(Each name shared with me is represented here.  There may be duplicate names because each ornament is representative of someone loved.  I invite anyone who wishes, to share a story of their loved one on this tree, or what part of the world you are from.  I had names shared on Facebook and I had people who read the post who sent me names privately.  And whether a name of your loved one is on this tree or not, I offer this as a very simple and symbolic gift-that the world is full of love.  Because love never ends.)

More names received, tree updated.

More love sent in and added…

And more….

And more….

And more…



53 thoughts on “A World Of Love

      • It was very sad, in a way, to read all the names on your wonderful tree, knowing that there were so many memories there. On the other hand, it was totally uplifting, so I thank you for that, and I thank all those who added to the tree. May you, and they, have a peaceful and blessed Christmas, and a happy, healthy, New Year.


  1. My uncle Tim was one of my heroes. He worked hard and loved even harder. He was always a phone call or a walk to the barn away. I cherish all the memories made working at the barn, watching scary movies, riding on the gator to check the cows or to look for black raspberries, Sunday dinners after church and all the conversations that were had. He was the one who challenged me to love myself because it would be impossible for someone else to love me if I didn’t…that changed my world!

    I miss him everyday, but know that I will see him again because we are a people who have Hope. Hope that is brought to us by a baby wrapped in clothes and lying in a manger.

    Merry Christmas to all! I love you, Aunt Colleen and Uncle David!


  2. Benjamin wants to say “Thank-you for making Grampy’s ornament, it’s beautiful!” He is delighted with your tree filled with ornaments of love and has asked to come back to see it 5 times this morning. He is happy to see Grampy’s ornament every single visit. He wants his Daddy, Mommy and Grammy to see it too. I wonder if it is possible to make a print of the tree for him to keep? Thank-you for helping Benjamin’s missing his Grampy a little less sad.


  3. This has meant so much to me Colleen. I saw it the other morning on facebook and I’m not sure why exactly but it’s brightened every day since whenever I see it in my minds eye. Thank you for such a kind thought, which meant so much to so many.
    Happy Christmas to you and yours and good health and happiness in 2018 xxxx


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