Wouldn’t She Have

Wouldn’t she have,

Held Him to her breast,

Feeling the raw strength of motherhood.

Wouldn’t she have,

Cried tears of happiness,

While a new fear took root in her heart.

Wouldn’t she have

Right at that moment

Promised her life for His.

Wouldn’t she have

Smelled the baby’s breath

And inhaled His perfume.

Wouldn’t she have

Felt His heart beat

So familiar to her own.

Wouldn’t she have

Become Mother Mary

To her baby

And the world.

34 thoughts on “Wouldn’t She Have

  1. Your image is heavenly, Colleen. Your words exactly how I feel for Mary and Joseph, fear mixed with immense pride. A newborn baby, swaddled in a manger touches so many lives. . . πŸ•Š 🌟


  2. We shall never forget how much it matters to give birth, to love and to support. Birth and death of humans, of ideas and fantasy. We should fight for.


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