I Wake

I wake.

Each morning different and unpredictable.

I know not what disposition will accompany me as I open my eyes.

Or what tone may join me throughout the day.

My eyes will open,

My mind will flow,

My feet will hit the floor.

And through the day I’ll learn,

I’ll create,

I’ll be inspired,

I will experience more feelings than I have definitions for.

If I don’t,

What purpose have I?

And when day ends,

With all that I had picked up along the way,

Or discarded as I lived,

And my thoughts ebb and return and finally retreat fully into hiding within my dreams,

My eyes see differently into the land I travel as,

I sleep.

28 thoughts on “I Wake

  1. Your wonderful words have enchanted me, and lulled me into a sleepy trance of blissful dreams and serenity, and therefore your purpose has been achieved during my time right now !!


  2. Each day is a gift that is only given once, don’t waste it! I truly believe that you never waste a day, an hour or a minute. Thank-you for sharing your wealth of wisdom and your endearing art.


  3. I liked how you expressed this, it reflects how I view each day. Most of all, days bring me moments of wonder and nights help me picture my future. . . Both are wrapped up with love and hope. ❤🎁 🕊


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