Toxic Life

I was watching a man, in a video, talk about his interpretation of debt and toxicity.

I was pretty taken in by what he had to say.

He spoke about debt in financial terms, emotional terms, and relationship terms.

And he spoke about toxicity in society and in relationships.

It wasn’t just about ‘others’, but about each of us and our role in a toxic and indebted society.

I wasn’t surprised to realize I saw the truth in this and could relate to what he said.

The problem is, to protect one’s self from this type of debt and toxicity is a life style.  A life style I am both drawn to and hesitant to enter into.  In my most comfortable state I am an introvert and comfortable with myself.  The ironic twist to this is that I feel ‘guilty’ if I am not interacting with and social with the world around me.  Paradox anyone?

To protect one’s self from debt you do not spend or expend that which you are not able to afford.  Seems simple enough.

But how often do we do just that?  Financially just consider the loans, credit cards and monthly bills that we create.   To be honest though, I am far more overdrawn emotionally than financially.

I am both intrigued by what he has to say about how we can address these things in our own lives and frightened by the possibility of doing it, or not doing it.

It’s all about choices and doing.

There’s no mask or suit for this kind of protection.