Toxic Life

I was watching a man, in a video, talk about his interpretation of debt and toxicity.

I was pretty taken in by what he had to say.

He spoke about debt in financial terms, emotional terms, and relationship terms.

And he spoke about toxicity in society and in relationships.

It wasn’t just about ‘others’, but about each of us and our role in a toxic and indebted society.

I wasn’t surprised to realize I saw the truth in this and could relate to what he said.

The problem is, to protect one’s self from this type of debt and toxicity is a life style.  A life style I am both drawn to and hesitant to enter into.  In my most comfortable state I am an introvert and comfortable with myself.  The ironic twist to this is that I feel ‘guilty’ if I am not interacting with and social with the world around me.  Paradox anyone?

To protect one’s self from debt you do not spend or expend that which you are not able to afford.  Seems simple enough.

But how often do we do just that?  Financially just consider the loans, credit cards and monthly bills that we create.   To be honest though, I am far more overdrawn emotionally than financially.

I am both intrigued by what he has to say about how we can address these things in our own lives and frightened by the possibility of doing it, or not doing it.

It’s all about choices and doing.

There’s no mask or suit for this kind of protection.

28 thoughts on “Toxic Life

  1. I believe we all need to reach out and help each other. I do try to not linger near toxic people who suck energy, time and sometimes money. I would help those who I have known who needed help, weeded gardens, cooked meals and washed laundry. When I reached out to a few of these folks when I needed help, they scattered, sadly.
    I wish I knew what direction you are most concerned about, Colleen. . .
    I have much less debt than many of my friends. Being married, I had debt but tried to stay afloat by working five days a week, four nights a week and took Master’s degree classes to keep a hold of my job. My ex-husband stayed at home, nursing his wounds of being laid off. It upset me to lose my house and his car, but I am glad I learned how to surprise others by not worrying nor crying.
    I just moved forward, one foot in front of the other. . . hugs! ❤ Best wishes for a relaxed, warm and cozy New Year’s Eve.🎆 🎉 ❄

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    • I wasn’t really concerned about a direction per se, Robin. I am watching this series of videos about building a cabin and he shared his personal thoughts on debt and toxicity. I was intrigued by his thoughts. It just made me look at things in a different way.

      And yes, your example is perfect. You learned something, you worked on self reliance and moved forward. THAT’S the way to do it. 🙂


  2. That emotional paradox…is something we all share, C. I avoid some encounters to protect myself, then feel guilty about it later. But, with time, I always recover. Wishing you balance in 2018. Happy New Year.


  3. You have offered much food for thought here and the drawing is a statement all by itself! It prompts me to more deeply explore my own role in a toxic and indebted society, then decide what lifestyle changes may be required or acceptable. Thank-you!!


  4. I love the Personal Protection Equipment look Colleen. I shed mine some time ago and just keep a small shield handy to ward off the toxicity and negativity. It is difficult, sometimes, not to join in, but I do try my best.


  5. It is such a difficult balance at times, I do understand! I feel like I spent entirely too much money simply responding to invitations and social events that I am glad I attended for their social opportunities, but maybe cost more than I would have ordinarily been comfortable spending. I find it a complicated issue!


    • Oh those things really tear at me. Some I just feel so overwhelmed in attending. I don’t do “dress up” well so there is ‘that’ anxiety, and when there are so many people, there’s the anxiety of trying to talk to everyone without leaving anyone out, those things aren’t exactly ‘toxic’ but I get so anxious about them it becomes toxic. And so many other things!


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