To The Next


With the closing of any day, when the darkness approaches, I like the settling of it.  I like the comfort of having lived it.

Some days I can’t wait for the moment when I can close my eyes to it.  Review it.  Make mental adjustments.  Take those mental notes to appreciate something in it.  Sigh for a lost moment.  Cry for  a sad moment.

Other days I am loathe to close my eyes.  Hesitant to bring an end to the day I’ve just had, and spent to exhaustion.  Knowing that once the eyes are closed the day is relegated, having been thoroughly lived, to the memory of it.  And it is no longer actively being lived.

At this day’s end.

This day today.

I end it and all days.

Looking forward to the dawning.

We can’t have tomorrow without leaving today behind.

Tonight I settle in, tomorrow I rise.

It only takes this blink

To go from this day to the next.  Leaving and beginning in the very same moment.

Each day I leave, I leave with peace.

Each day I begin, I begin with peace.

Each day, I pray to be a part of peace.


39 thoughts on “To The Next

  1. May peace always be with you Colleen, as you traverse between dusk, the twilight zone, and dawn, the awakening zone, as a celestial time-traveler in her overnight time-machine, time-warping through the cosmos, capturing sparkling peace particles, sprinkling them over Mother Earth, while Father Time, watches the humanity time-bomb, as the peace-giving particles and atoms settle down upon the peoples of all creeds, sowing the seeds of goodwill and good deeds…… Happy New Year Colleen, and hopefully all our dreams will come true.


  2. Peace baby…those two words are among my most favorite. Adore your words and drawings and look forward each day to finding uplifting thoughts from you and lots of grins. Brodie and I wish you a blessed New Year and golden days ahead in 2018. Peace baby…


  3. I entered your world this December after being intrigued by your comment on Jodi’s blog and clicking on “Chatter Master”…I am a perpetual blog wanderer. The first post I read was “A Cold Man”, I was both smitten and captivated. On this last day of the old year and the eve of the new year…Thank-YOU for sharing your art and your wisdom. Peace be yours.


  4. I think there’s nothing more important and more necessary than spreading peace everywhere we go. I have a small collection of peace signs that I keep close as reminders! If I put my head on the pillow at night and can sleep, then I know peace. And if I can rise without dread, that’s peace as well! 🙂


      • yes, you should always fall asleep without strife and anger. This has always been said to me as a child. On the other hand, anger that you carry inside is not good either. So with all peace, one must be allowed to express your opinion and also make room for your anger. Everyone must understand and endure that. Communication and real peace are more important than a friendly face or words.


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