The Truth of Me

I’ve got nothing to hide.

But there are things I don’t want to share.

I have things to be ashamed of,

And those things are mine, not something for others to have on me.

My authenticity is mine to be proud of,

Or deal with.

My curiosity

Is not a right to someone else’s truths.

I find quite a few things about myself funny,

But I don’t care to be laughed at.

I find myself seeking sincerity

But fear I will take myself too seriously.

I am intrigued enough to seek

Sometimes fearful of what I will find.

Ah, but the truths of me,

Are enough for me.

51 thoughts on “The Truth of Me

  1. only imperfect people can be perfect for someone ( I think perfect people do not exist anyway)…and I think you are quiet perfect for a lot of people Colleen!


    • YES! I get that bifocal problem! No matter where I look I have to adjust what I’m looking at and through because I keep looking through the wrong part ! ๐Ÿ˜‰ And THANK YOU for the fashion points!!! (silver hair in dark hair is THE best).


  2. I love your honesty and share your thoughts on what’s really important in life…being real is way up there at the top of the list. sometimes black and white is far more beautiful that perfectly retouched color.


  3. You are certainly entitled to sharing and withholding–whichever fits more comfortably, but even holding some things back just for you, you still share more honestly than most people, and it is an endearing and wonderful quality. You have your own style, which is far more appealing than copying any fashion of the day! This was a delight to read, Colleen. It’s a pleasure knowing you! ๐Ÿ™‚


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