Daily Archives: January 10, 2018

You Will Grow Up

You will grow up.

Knowing without a doubt that you have worth.

To me.  To others.   But most importantly, to yourself.

You will grow up.

Believing in what you can do and understanding you can work for anything you want.

You will learn that is a satisfaction that no one can give you.

You will grow up.

With trust that is real,

And a knowledge that all things, or people, can not be trusted.

You will grow up.

And there will be fear.

You will know fear is natural, and fear is where you discover courage.

You will grow up.

With strength and weaknesses.

You will know how to build up one, and how to seek help for the other.

You will grow up.

It won’t be perfect, easy, or always fun.

But it will sometimes be perfect, easy, and fun.

You will grow up.

You will discover and wonder.

You will be extraordinary.



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