46 thoughts on “When Things Are Said

  1. I hope I can remember this one, Colleen. I also have selective hearing for most comments made around me, but once in a while someone is speaking way too fast and way too loud so I’ll just have to revert to being a 4 year old again.


  2. you hit the mail on the head again, Colleen.
    It was a good time when this worked. As an adult it does not work a lot, because you start to think too much. Beeing selective in hearing is unfortenately not my strength.
    But there are always lots of people willing to “help” you. And if you do not want to run crazy, you have to decide one thing: your way by your own willing and own decisions. Therefore you have to learn to be selektive and just pick out the best advices for you….your illustration made me laugh!


  3. I do try not to listen to defeatist attitudes, negative thoughts and other “wet blankets” who try to rain on parades. I should put my hands over my ears, at least to make a point!
    I heard on a Hallmark movie a quote I may repeat in my own thoughts. Since you are a worrier, change it to become a Warrior. πŸ›‘ This is my 2018 shield! Love you, Colleen.


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