“To Strengthen Him Doth Strengthen You”



Take heed, learn wisdom hence, weak man,

And keep a good friend while you can;

If to your friend you are unkind,

E’en love will be against you join’d;

Reflect that every act you do

To strengthen him doth strengthen you;

To serve you he is willing-able-

Two twists will make the strongest cable,

To bind a friend and keep him steady,

To have him e’er in reach and ready.”

Robert Emmet

Ireland Patriot,




Seems fitting, still.Ā  Always.

A lesson to be learned.


25 thoughts on ““To Strengthen Him Doth Strengthen You”

    • He did Russ. Actually, he was murdered (that’s how I see it) when he was found guilty of treason for trying to make his country (Ireland) free from British rule. That is a huge oversimplification….


  1. A very valuable lesson indeed, for what value are we without a friend in hand. Here just out of Geelong 10mins down the road, there’s a country lane named, “Friend In Hand Road”, and ever since I was a child of reading age, that lane’s name has always struck me as a very special saying ….


  2. oh, Colleen, your thoughts are always so appropriate.
    Everything always seems so clear morally. And yet there are situations there it is not clear. When morality and your seemingly own luck face each other and you have to decide …. who wins? And related to the friendship? Of course I have always supported my friends and will do that throughout my life. It works in our own little world. But as soon as you open yourself, and you are tangible to the whole world, you have lost, if you help everyone. Because who decides who the true friend is? There is nothing wrong with being friendly to all, but help that takes up a lot of time, strength, and potential money must be reserved for special people. But how to decide who is special. How do I know who is honest with me? The sentence “To bind a friend and keep him steady, I honestly do not like very much. It sounds very egotistical to keep a friend “warm” in case you need him, I do not care about friends, because I want their help in case of emergency but because I care about them, that they are fine, like me. And if I am not feeling well, I can not really care for friends.


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