63 thoughts on “Say Nothing

    • I like, treasure, our connection. And I like the idea of a cool breeze being created here, and making it’s way over to you, and wishing you a soft hello from afar. 🙂 The next breeze you feel, consider it from me. ❤


  1. well I like Ellens comment…say something when it is more beautiful than silence….in practise it is often more, not really to know what to say…..or just beeing overstrained and decide to stay zen and good to yourself for a moment?


  2. You’ve made me smile in thinking about this, Colleen. I’ve recently wondered if I could “contain myself” a bit more and say a whole lot less! I’m giving it a try. I’ll have to see how it works out, however. 🙂


  3. Funny, this is something I’ve been pondering lately too. I find myself keeping my mouth shut when a younger, less wiser Betsy, like from last week, would totally be saying something. And when I made this revelation about just keeping quiet, I thought, wow, did I just get wiser? Next trick–to remember this new found knowledge!


  4. What a poignant thought! I often find myself keeping quiet when I have words to share but don’t know how or am unsure about the reception, though the latter (talking just to fill silence) doesn’t apply to me as well, being a naturally quiet person. Balance is difficult to find…


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