52 thoughts on “As Easily As Anyone

  1. Love the art and your words! Also love the story within this story that you revealed to Ivor in your comment. You possess an amazing mind and I’m grateful that you choose to share it through your blog. Thank-you!

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    • Ellen you are so kind to me. You are very welcome. I’m glad you meandered your way here, I really appreciate it. And it’s funny that Ivor asked, because as we were driving the other day my husband said, out of the blue, “what made you draw that blog today?”


  2. Yes, if you squint your eyes a little, stretch your arm and measure the size with your thumb and forefinger, the sun is also tiny! A wonderful Post Colleen!


  3. I love the moon best. I can imagine you holding the sun 🌞 and I can hold the moon. 🌜 ❀ 🌝 Oh, we can take turns with all the others who may wish to touch these celestial forms.


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