34 thoughts on “I Find Myself With Time

  1. honestly Colleen? I hate no plan days! I hate waiting for others to do something or to join me. Time is too precious and I hate to waste time in any for..it makes me angry and gives me bad energy. But I know exactly that the others feel the same…from all perspectives wasted time, waiting for others is painful and not to bear. And everybody says the same…I DO MY BEST…an what remains? sadness, may be anger and of course a broken self-esteem because of trying over and over again and just feeling that you always do the wrong thing! Could we not all try a little bit harder, would it be enough or is it never enough?


      • Oh Colleen, I know that you are very busy and that you can enjoy and deserve such days. I interpret from another point of view. My days are also very busy but my head is even fuller, so I need many walks, a lot of distraction and can not be very productive. But poduktivement gives me satisfaction. That’s why I appreciate the days that have a plan that moves me forward with my thoughts and feelings just more than haphazard days.


  2. No decision, no plan, relax and rest, but gone in no time. I’ve often thought about trying to slow down time during the good times, and quicken it up during the bad times ??


  3. I love what I do every other Sunday with soon to be 9 year old Micah (especially in the winter!) We wear pajamas all day till his Mom, my oldest daughter comes at 3:15 pm. Around 3:00, we both get dressed. Ha! 😊 😉 Ooh, do I love this time together. We played Scrabble until one of us got bored. We painted, we watched cartoons (“Teen Titans”) and laughed.


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