77 thoughts on “Just That Once

  1. you are never alone, Colleen! This is wonderful and fits really good to your last poetry: I am not. Just that time passed quickly and I guess it is good like this! I f you think you know, what you are doing means that you are more concentrated on yourself, no? If you concentrade also on others you never will be sure what will happen…, ) By the way you improove a lot in your paintings in my eyes…..itΒ΄s getting more and more minimalistic…every stroke seams to be well overthought…great!


      • haha, fun or not, if you get this poetry to ponder it is up to you to take it as a fun or not. ItΒ΄s really like this that nobody can know, what his actions provoke….butterfly effect…and to work permanently on his art to persuade with his aim is a good thing. i love minimalistic things aswell a lot, although my paintings are very detailled and sweet…but this is the world of children so it fits for me!


        • You are right Anie. It is up to each person who reads to interpret as they may. (Thank you for calling it poetry…it really was just a thought). I often read something that means something special to me and I have no idea what the author was thinking when they wrote it.

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          • I like to think, that the author felt the same, becuase honestly, if an author is just inventing a situation,poetry, a story it might be really good, but it is of course much more better if the author knew and felt, what he is writing….BUT on the other hand it must be something special, because nothing is more boring as an author writing his own story, which is only a normal boring life with some make up!


            • Oh not to me Anie. I think each person has a great story to tell. I don’t think any life is boring. It’s all in how someone sees life and interprets it and shares it.

              But I have often written something, with a specific meaning to me, that others do not have the same feeling or interpretation of. I think that is the wonderful thing about writing, or anything creative. If it has to mean the same to everyone it could not be widely appreciated or long lasting. The great masters have works that have been appreciated for centuries.


  2. LOL! Congratulations, Colleen. I know the not-knowing feeling well, and find that’s where most of my growth and adventure come from. Otherwise my life would be a boring series of reruns.


  3. Colleen, if I ever knew what I was doing it would bring so much terror to the world that no one could stand it! Much better to just go with the flow and enjoy what is without knowing what IT is. You always make me laugh!


  4. Nope. Not alone at all. The second you think you got a handle on things life throws you a curve ball. I find that this is always the case. Keep dodging them.


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