What We Now Know

My DNA results are back.


According to the genetic make up of my report, this is what I am likely to have or not have:

I would likely have little to no hair when I was a baby.   According to my mother, who was there at my birth, I had more hair at birth than I do now:


I would likely have little or no unibrow, no widow’s peak, a lot of freckles, no cleft chin and detached ear lobes.  According to my face, featured below,  I do not have a unibrow, I have a little bit of a widow’s peak, I do not have freckles and I do not have a cleft chin.  And my ear lobes are completely attached, sorry no arrow to point that out to you.


I likely do not have dimples.

From the profile you can clearly see I do not have dimples.


I likely have straight or wavey and light colored hair.

I must be an anomaly.   My hair is dark, but straight.

I found humor in some of the genetic predispositioning.  I am predispositioned to smell asparagus, be able to taste ‘bitter’, and 86% of those who tested with the same company I tested with, and are genetically related to me, are likely to have one foot larger than the other.

I was beyond amazed to find out that over 1100 people who tested share a mutual ancestor going who knows how far back.  The amazing part being that these “related” persons are spread throughout this world.  Of these people I am connected by DNA to Africa and Finland, possibly to many others.  I am thrilled with discovering these seasonings to my genetic makeup.

The most important thing to take from all of this, is that I am no doubt, proof positive, no denying it or me…..


Ireland, you may claim me at any time.