Never Fully Empty

I’m never full.

And I’m never fully empty.

So there’s always room for more.

More love.

More fun.

More angst.

More surprise.

More sadness.

More questions.

More attempts.

More failures.

More to forget.

More to remember.

More of everything I do.

More of everything I wish to do.

More of everything I didn’t get to.

I’m never fully positive.

I’m never fully free of negative.

I’m never perfectly content with being where I am.

I’m never fully sure of the direction in which I am headed.

I am sensible about my optimism

And optimistic about my doubts

Leaving room for a huge quantity of realism.

A little of me goes a long way.

A lot of me is often not enough.

I could go on.

But I should stop.