My first grandchild began speaking very early.  One of her first “own” expressions that she used frequently, and accurately, was “seriously?”   She used it appropriately and in many different situations.  She would say it when she didn’t believe us, about anything.   It was humorous on many levels.  She could weave it into just about anything we said.  The best part about it was her understanding the use of it.  We would create things to say just to hear her say “seriously?”  Because it made us laugh.

Now.  I find myself frequently, and accurately, saying “seriously?”

Because I feel there are things being created just to make us say it.

But I’m not laughing.



46 thoughts on “Seriously?

  1. Seriously,
    I’ve seen the universe through to the stars beyond.
    I’ve seen the moon through the burning sun.
    I’ve seen the ocean through the broken coral.
    I’ve seen the earth open-up, swallowing the multitude whole…….(self)
    “There’s a crack in everything
    That’s how the light gets in”…….. Leonard Cohen
    “Oh, I’ll never get to that star
    “But I’ve seen the universe in a blade of grass”……. Sean Rowe.


  2. That’s so funny about your little one using that word! And I understand your ‘overuse’ of the word today! I hear myself saying all too often, “I just don’t understand how people…” and there you go! Some of what is going on, I will just NEVER understand.


  3. This was a great illustration, Colleen. I am so glad you had this smart grandchild who knew how to really understand the word, “seriously.”
    The far out things, some very serious and others crazy, happening are like my worst nightmares!


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