You Will Not Know Me

You will not know me.

Not by wisdom, not by glory, not by my facade.

You will not know me.

By anything.

But my love.

That is where the truth is.


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91 thoughts on “You Will Not Know Me

  1. And that’s the truth!

  2. ivor20 says:

    “All You Need Is Love”

  3. Ocean Bream says:

    ❀ Oh, absolutely!

  4. ksbeth says:

    and that is everything.

  5. anie says:

    Love is the entrance to everybody. Only loving people really know each Other. Beautiful written…I miss your glasses in the illustration!

  6. love is so complicated tho
    do u do awards???/

    • It sure can be complicated. But as I age I truly find the simplicity in love is in knowing love.

      Thank you for asking about awards, I no longer do them. I apologize for the time constraints I have.

      • oh its fine!!!
        well i hope i get to a point of understanding love as well

        • To be fully honest, understanding it doesn’t resolve all of my angst about “everything”. But it helps when it comes to compassion, tolerance and acceptance. And hoping that others feel the same way towards me. πŸ™‚

          • I love the honesty πŸ™‚
            But i think that once i get to a point of understanding, it will stop.
            But i m not experienced at all with this.

            • For your sake, and ours, I hope it doesn’t stop. πŸ™‚ I hope it goes on for a very long time. There’s always a ‘new’ understanding to discover.

            • anie says:

              What do you think will stop if you arrived to understand?

              • ego and arrogance definitely. Ego refuses to understand even if u produce a masterpiece of a powerpoint trying to make it understand.

                • anie says:

                  ohh, o.k….yes you afre right it is hard to understand if you do not accept to look from other perspectives on a situation. It is always helpful to try lots of differnent views…..difficult anyway, when you are searching for your own way and you know, that you need to find a balance of acceptance and ignorance of otherΒ΄s needs to survive yourself.

                  • God!!!
                    u seem intelligent to me. nice to eeee comment with since i cant say meet you
                    And yes it is hard but we are not born perfect
                    we are born to put in effort

                    • anie says:

                      oh yes, we are not born perfect and we have to make an effort. Everyone in the way he can. Because we never should forget that the skills of understanding is very different. We have to be careful when judging others and never emanate from oneself. Haha and I am certainly very average of the intelligence and therefore I must write this comment. Because I am often very slow off the mark!

                    • I honestly dont see intelligence like that.
                      I mean seriously does it make sense to u that somebody who is fast is intelligent.
                      I mean what if he is fast at making plans to steal stuff from other.
                      Is that intelligence too??? I honestly dont think so

                    • anie says:

                      ohh at least it’s very clever to steal fast, right? ; ) hahaha
                      No I do not think that intelligence depends on the speed of understanding. But the ability to understand at all. There are things that I can read 1000 times and I just do not get it … I can not follow and get lost in other thought trails that have nothing to do with what is actually going on. I just admire people who can understand a lot and if it is still fast then that is terrific.

                    • Yeah now THAT is intelligence alright.
                      but again to me it is; To understand people rather than text
                      because dont take my word for it
                      einstien himself said; any fool can know the point is to understand

                    • anie says:

                      Hmm understanding theoretical things, science, languages, history…is different, because everything has a kind of logical order, no? To understand people is not something logical, it is not to manage just with your head and mind, you have to feel, what they feel, you need empathy and perhaps you have to forget completely the logical things?

                    • Yes that right there!!!!
                      Understanding people is really hard. U have to literally give ur all into it

                    • anie says:

                      thats true!

                    • u can know respiration and 2 multiply 2 is 4 but understanding how someone feels is a bit difficult isn’t it

                    • anie says:

                      Oh yes understanding feeling of someone is something different…but this is not really intelligence or? Kind of a social intelligents perhaps…This is surely a skill what some people are better than others, like someone who is better in science than in languages….but by the way respiration is also a very difficult subject..I would say. .πŸ™‚

                    • Yes actually
                      But i dont think society has come to a point where we can actually measure intelligence. i mean not lying but when the iq machine came about (to measure intelligence) Hitler used it as a way of ridding the lower cast people ny taking absurd tests.
                      maybe this information is wrong but I watched it on a video by john green or something.
                      Anyways my point here is that, like u said social intelligence nad all that
                      Maybe there are variations of intelligence.
                      Maybe person a is logical wherease person b is emotionally intelligent.
                      But theres is also the thing about perceptions of intelligent.
                      One might think this in t=intelligent whereas the other might thing that is intelligent.
                      But in the end, we were all born ignorant. BUt we have all been given the ability to be intelligent.

                    • anie says:

                      Hmm, universe fireflie, it’s all about cognitive abilities that can go into many areas. Solving something with logical reasoning is one thing but also assessing the “illogical” based on feelings is an interpersonal thing.
                      Of course, there are tests and they are certainly not bad in the meantime. Man creates and explores so much, but you will never completely understand the human being. The universe is infinite and every living thing is a little miracle of the universe. How should one fully explore the infinite? It’s like trying to recite the numbers to the end.
                      I do not think it’s important to be intelligent. It is more important to me to be loved for what I am. And if I’m stupid, I can still be adorable. Yes and we are all ignorant. It is precisely through our cognitive abilities that we always strive for better, always wanting to generate an advantage, use power and act selfishly … a thing that must always be weighed up.

                    • WOW!!! well said. U wrapped it up just right.
                      For me whats important is being limitless. Following my dream and well… impacting others thru raw art πŸ™‚

                    • anie says:

                      oh yes, that sounds good. I think my thoughts are limitless, my dreams and what I believe in too. To bring everything into harmony with life, to dare to be unconventional, to give up old habits and ways of life, that is really difficult, especially when one is older and life is already tied up on all sides!

                    • Yes; i dont ever want to stop dreaming.
                      that is the most annoying part when people say its a phase and u would grow to become and adult and then u would be more realistic.

                    • anie says:

                      no, that is definitely not a phase, that’s a quality that you have as a human being. A beautiful thing is to find people who also dream and realize their dreams with them. It is working. I have already experienced that in art and in life. Of course, it depends on the dreams and on the partner or partners. What are you dreaming of…is it easy for your mind to say, it is possible, or does your mind always say, there is no way? Do you really want to realize your dream and live the dream in reality, even if you realize that the lived dream will be different? Or are you a person who just loves dreaming and does not want to destroy the dream by becoming a reality?
                      That is very important to know in my opinion. I had the dream to live in the south and near by the sea. I live that dream now, and I’m happy, even if the reality does not look like walking barefoot all day in the hot sand on the beach …; Dreams are sweet, romantic and full of love …. Reality is a compromise, but it can come very close to the dream, so for me it is always the right way to try to make dreams true.

                    • I m these two things
                      combine them together and I m the person who will never ever surrender to there is no way, or u cant do it.
                      I always have this mentality of….
                      NOTHING IS IMPOSSIBLE!!!!!!!

                    • anie says:

                      that’s fantastic, stay the way you are !!!
                      I am also a dreamer. I’m not ambitious in all things, but in those that are important to me and that I do with passion.
                      It is often not easy but I try to enforce my dreams, even if they are crazy …

                    • same!!! we are having a great conversation here alright.
                      I feel like if we had met in real life we would be those two people who would climb the rooftop and talk for hours at an end under the goddamned stars!!!!
                      u seem like a great person πŸ™‚

              • Anie, personally, I meant that to stop having understandings (new ones I guess) would be to stop learning and living. πŸ™‚

          • anie says:

            You sid this in a beautiful way. I completely agree…understanding does not solve the problems, but it helps a lot to live with problems and gives better chances to solve…understanding is a way to the good side.

  7. markbialczak says:

    Fantastic you are to the heart, MBC.

  8. gypsy856 says:

    Did you purposely make your reflection look like a dove….hmmmm, interesting and so true!!!

  9. Perfect Colleen, and a great video from Ivor to complement it.

  10. Just beautiful. I don’t know how you churn out these graceful pieces so effortlessly. Wonderful prose.

  11. Right on. A.g.a.i.n. πŸ™‚ Perfect, Colleen.

  12. I can feel the strength behind this.

  13. Jodi says:

    “Love is all ya need”

  14. Debra says:

    What a different world we would realize if more people understood this! Very special, Colleen.

  15. Val Boyko says:

    A change in the external can never take away what is internal.
    Although we have never met Colleen, I will always know you πŸ’•

  16. reocochran says:

    Love is everything. Love’s truth heals us.

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