41 thoughts on “Where I Stand

  1. Wonderful, Colleen. And your picture speaks volumes – I do love how your pictures are so simplistic, yet compliment and add reams of depth to your words. One can only face a storm head-on!


  2. Sometimes you just have to stand still and wait for it to pass. But I like the way you illustrate that doesn’t mean hide your head in the sand. Be alert…watch…pray…wait! I hope it doesn’t knock you off your feet. You look like you’ve planted them to be strong!


    • 😉 Actually I drew the image THEN came up with the words. I am not (knock on wood) currently watching any storm brewing.

      But thank you for pointing those things out, it makes feel stronger Debra 🙂


  3. yes indeed. And some storms are gale force 10. When it happens I try to remember ‘this too shall pass,’ but easier said than done and sometimes facing the damage afterwards is so hard too.
    I hope there’s only a gentle breeze with you today.


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