54 thoughts on “What I See

  1. I can see what you’re looking for, and I can see your vision, even with my dirty plumbers glasses on, even when my glasses are cleaned, and even with my poet’s glasses on, I can see the words, your dreams are made of.


  2. the vision comes from heart, so well said Colleen, and I wished I could see things clear through my heart like ivor or so many others of you. Unfortunately there is so much bad in the world and hearts get cheated and betrayed, so you will always need also your eyes to watch. And when the tears are gone it is perhaps possible to see clear again.

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      • I am sure you are right, but if you are not used to see the bad it is a horror…I believe that we need both, but I believe also, that people are differnt in noticing good and bad and in processing both. I thought about this, when I heared today of a movie my friend watched….”Madame Marguerite”…this woman wanted to sing her whole life and she sang even if she sang wrong…she died at the end after loosing her voive in an concert where everybody laght at her…I think here this bad news just broke her heart and she died…I think there are people born very sensitive with rosa glasses, and if someone take the glasses it is hard to survive for this persons!


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