43 thoughts on “It Just Can Be

  1. Ohh, your illustrations are really funny and I want to laugh, but on the other hand this can be really sad and mean… expecting to have fun … and than this… not funny at all!


    • It’s okay to laugh Anie. It depends on your interpretation. The ‘dirt’ in life can be thought of in so many different ways.
      The dirt we get into when playing.
      The dirt we get into unexpectedly.
      The dirt we go looking for (this can be especially dirty if you interpret ‘dirt’ as gossip or meanness).
      I thought I would let everyone have their own interpretation of ‘dirt’.

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      • you’re right … if you had painted another picture with a laughing face, I would have laughed off too loud … because there is always dirt to laugh about as soon as no damage occurs. That’s like these slip-ups- videos. I can laugh about it when I see that people do not hurt themselves. If it looks painful, I’m shocked and can not laugh. And certainly the dirt, by gossip and meanness is worst, because it not only hurts, but also harms … I have understood that and I fully agree!


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