31 thoughts on “Dandelion Childhood

  1. Yes, one of my favorite “lessons taught”. I especially love looking back, smiling then laughing watching them attempt to blow only to accidentally put their mouth too close to the dandelion and me excitedly trying to help get the seeds out of their mouth …. nice memories and what a wonderful way to rekindle them Colleen. ❀


  2. Yes pass it on. Also, where I live these lovelies are not easy to spot on the landscape due to pesticides and the need for weedless lawns 😦 So, I value these sweet memories of my childhood even more.


  3. Such a delightful part of childhood, Colleen, and yet I haven’t thought of it in a very long time. I’ve obviously not passed it on! I will remedy that soon, believe me. πŸ™‚


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