When I Didn’t Go To Italy

I want to see the world.

There are not many of us who can travel as much as we want.

But I’ve found a way.

Join me,


For when I didn’t go to Italy.

Me, feeding the birds in Venice.

Me, atop the Tower of Pisa,

I could see the very charming city below.

No matter how often we are warned,

Someone always has to stand in the boat.

The water was not very tasty.

In Positano.

I warned them not to take pictures of me in my bathing suit.

I had to stay there until they got bored with trying to humiliate me.

I always try to find a quiet,

Out of the way but meaningful place,

To write while I’m traveling.

And a special thanks to my niece for letting me not go with her to Italy.

I had a great time!

There were SO many pictures to share.

But you know how bored people get with other’s vacation pictures,

I figured they’d feel the same way about my not-vacation pictures.