51 thoughts on “According To The Brothers

  1. haha! We did this (three girls), only my youngest sister didn’t slide. Seems like every time she put her foot on the first step to come down she was falling, tumbling, crashing rolling down each step one at a time without a mattress or pillow. We my middle sister and I couldn’t figure out how she managed this each time! She survived the many, many tumbles and eventually got to slide down the stairs like the rest of us. It was a happy and triumphant moment 🙂


  2. haha. believe it or not, my siblings and I used to jump down the stairs. we’d start at the first and jump that, then move to the second and jump to the bottom, then move to the third and jump to the bottom. Good god, what it must have done to my spine, all those thumping jumps down the stairs…..and the poor neighbours next door. Oh this post is great, it took me right back there. wonderful. thanks, anita.


  3. First I had to admit I didn’t blow dandelions anymore, and now I have to admit I never took a “header” deliberately down the stairs! LOL! I do have one brother, and never a whole flight of stairs, But I think I was too cautious. I think it’s too late for this move now…who knows what I’d break!


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