The People I Thought I’d Never Meet

There are people I want to meet

Who I will never meet.

 Or think I never could meet.

Unless I take things into my own hands

And make it happen.

So I did.

I met a great great great great great grandparent.

In a land I could not know as home, as it was to him.

Ireland, South Africa, Finland,

Our worlds are tied together by a strand.

We embraced.  We talked of our own lives.

So that the other would know

Where we came from and where we went to.

I sat upon one of Grace O’Malley’s ships.

Intent as I was listening, I was absorbing her presence and her existence.

Her strength, her truths vs. her legend.

I watched her hands,

And admired the courage and vivacity.

Looking at her I am convinced I need to be related.


On stone by the ocean we sat.

JM Synge and I.

He asked to read what I wrote.

And I handed him a piece about Ireland,

Desperate to watch his face while he read.

I listened with such appreciation

When I met Lucy Spraggan.

Her music is emotion

In stories I can hear and understand.

I think she wants to be my friend.

The more people I ‘met’

The more difficult I found it

To narrow it down to who I want to meet.

The world and history are full of people to meet.


I’d like to think I’m worth meeting too.