The People I Thought I’d Never Meet

There are people I want to meet

Who I will never meet.

 Or think I never could meet.

Unless I take things into my own hands

And make it happen.

So I did.

I met a great great great great great grandparent.

In a land I could not know as home, as it was to him.

Ireland, South Africa, Finland,

Our worlds are tied together by a strand.

We embraced.  We talked of our own lives.

So that the other would know

Where we came from and where we went to.

I sat upon one of Grace O’Malley’s ships.

Intent as I was listening, I was absorbing her presence and her existence.

Her strength, her truths vs. her legend.

I watched her hands,

And admired the courage and vivacity.

Looking at her I am convinced I need to be related.


On stone by the ocean we sat.

JM Synge and I.

He asked to read what I wrote.

And I handed him a piece about Ireland,

Desperate to watch his face while he read.

I listened with such appreciation

When I met Lucy Spraggan.

Her music is emotion

In stories I can hear and understand.

I think she wants to be my friend.

The more people I ‘met’

The more difficult I found it

To narrow it down to who I want to meet.

The world and history are full of people to meet.


I’d like to think I’m worth meeting too.

54 thoughts on “The People I Thought I’d Never Meet

  1. You are a great part of my world stage, MBC, be certain of that. I am glad to meet you here each morning as I start my day, before I go outside to meet other people.


  2. Very nice, Pinky! I’m glad to know ye and I’m sure everyone in your post was glad to have met ye, too!


  3. You’ve certainly been busy this week, remembering all the places you’ve never been, all the people you’ve never met, and recounting all the stories you’ve never told. I’ve really enjoyed reading all of the things I’ve never read.


  4. I would love to meet you, Colleen. The other day I met an interesting woman from Canada. She had plenty to say, and I wanted to sit and listen to more. She made me think of what it would be like to meet you.


  5. I’d like to meet you Colleen and hear your stories. How did you end up illustrating your blog? I love meeting people. There is so much to learn from them. Make it a great day my blogging friend.


    • Thank you Ali! I have been SO lucky to meet quite a few bloggers. We flew to Florida and back in one day to have lunch with one! It was wonderful because we ‘knew’ one another before meeting, and the conversations were wonderful.

      I hope your day is as wonderful as I plan on making mine. 🙂

      Oh….and I started drawing ‘recently’. All of my life I have had the desire to be musical and artistic. I have written for as long as I could hold a pencil. One day I was doodling at work, a little figure popped out of my pen that looked like my dad (the start of my ‘shadow people’) and I realized I ‘can’ draw. The skill doesn’t need to be what I always thought it had to be. The desire to do it is what has encouraged me to just keep trying.

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      • I love that you are continuing to challenge your own thinking and create who you see yourself to be. Great story. When we are open to growing we can surprise ourselves.
        I chose to own my voice as a poet on my 50 birthday. Before that I didn’t share my poetry with anyone. It changed my life to identify myself this way.
        If you are ever visiting Oregon it would be fun to meet you.


  6. There are so many people I would love to have met, or still meet! Most I will meet them as they make their lives known and I can tap into what is shared, but it also explains to me why my blogging friends have enlarged my world. Think of all the people we now know! 🙂


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