The Ability To Make Life Better

I met with some children in an after school program.

I told them about “Make Life Better“.

They each took a pen and a sheet of paper

And tried to come up with one thing that would make life better.

For others, and just as importantly, for them.

I told them to use a drawing to enhance their words,

Or use words to enhance their drawing.

I wanted them to understand they have the ability to make life better.

Some of the kids knew immediately what would make their life better.

Some felt life is better when doing for others.

Some thought other people made life better.

Some had ideas that would make life better for a couple of dreamers.

Some messages weren’t quite clear….

I’m a little hopeful that this one wanted to include ‘me’ in their trip to Hawaii.

Music is a great life enhancer.

And I learned people can make quite a bit of money playing games.

Who knew?

I’m not sure if this one was trying to tell me to go home…

But he swears it’s ‘him’ going home and that going home makes him feel better.

His hair was flat and he didn’t have glasses,

But he said he sometimes wears his hair ‘up’

And he sometimes wears glasses.

Color me skeptical.

And this one, drawing herself drawing.

Seems like an artist kind of thing to do.

I really appreciated all of their efforts.

They were a great bunch of kids,

And if I had to pick a favorite,

It would be this one.

I can see this child in his drawing,

And I could see the joy in his face while he told me about having a garden.

He seemed to want to believe life could be better.


I think life would be better

If we encouraged and taught ability and empowerment.

Not everyone knows they can do this.