When I Get There

There’s a place I will go.

And when I get there, people I have wronged, and people who did me wrong, will greet me.  We will embrace.  We will not know tears.  We will know the truth of love and the truth of our journeys.

There will be understanding like we’ve never known.

The sorrows of the past will be explained.

We will wait for others to join us, it won’t take long and then we will have all the time there is, to be with them.

There’s a place I will go.

Like no other I’ve ever known.

Where the things I’ve done and the things I’ve said will play out before me.  And there will be no escaping what is mine to carry.  But being there, I will be forgiven, and the burdens of my actions will be lifted.

There’s a place I will go.

I will be surprised to discover the things I did that mattered.  The things that others found kind and meaningful.  I will be surprised to learn what I meant to others.

There, I will discover humility in my needs.  The needs I sought help with.  And the needs I was too stubborn to accept help offered or help for the asking.

There’s a place I will go.

And it will be heaven.