Teach Them The Power of ‘No’

We raise our children telling them what it is they are supposed to do.

We teach them that we are the authority.

We coach them to do as they are told.

We train them to follow orders.

We expect them to respect what it is that is expected of them.

I’m not a parenting expert.

But I think one of the best things you can do is teach a child…

The power of “NO!”

Enable them, to protect themselves.


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45 thoughts on “Teach Them The Power of ‘No’

  1. ivor20 says:

    Yes, a sensible post, but I’m still learning how to say no !!


  2. duncanr says:

    and related to the power of ‘No’ is teaching them to question what they are being asked to do instead of blindly following orders because a person in authority has issued them – something (as history shows us) many adults have difficulty doing!

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  3. markbialczak says:

    Yes, no is such an important concept and right, MBC.

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  4. ksbeth says:

    yes, there is so much power in that. it’s a protective shield on so many levels.

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  5. Absolutely! The power to say NO to drugs, to alcohol, to smoking, to many harmful things!


  6. Sheree Boyden says:

    The power to say no is important at all levels and throughout our life! Especially as children, there are many times they need to be able to voice the word no, and know that it’s okay!

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  7. goldenbrodie says:

    Valuable gift to deliver..soon they understand.

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  8. Ellen says:

    Benjamin is quite proficient with “NO” even including the use of your hand signal! Having him learn to apply it in the right places will continue to be a “work in progress” for some time to come. It is never too early to begin the lessons where a firm “NO” is needed. Thank-you for this reminder of a valuable life lesson.


  9. Sapna Dhyani says:

    Best article I have read today! It is so very easy to excercise authority over children as they are delicate. I fume inside when I see parents thwarting their children’s spirit in the name of “control ” . You are so very right. Saying “NO” is what they must be taught on priority basis. We need to build their self esteem so much that they believe they can face all adversities. And that it’s alright to say NO.


    • Thank you Sapna. I know we have to teach our children a balance. There are times when they need to hear the word ‘no’. But we definitely need to let them know it is okay to say ‘no’ when they need to.


  10. Great advice to give our children. The power of no is important.


  11. anie says:

    it´s importent not only to learn respect and to do what adults say, it´svery important also for children to know, when it is better to say no!


  12. Debra says:

    So true, and I sure didn’t follow this advice when raising my children. It’s a delicate balancing act working with children and teaching them how to know when to speak their minds and when they cross a line in respecting others. I have influence in young children’s lives through my grandchildren, but I must say that in these complicated times I’m glad I don’t have the primary responsibility Tough work, parenting!


  13. taylormitch says:

    Thank You! I hope everyone realizes the power of no!


  14. reocochran says:

    Yes to the word, “No!” It is important to become able to say this. Put their foot down and say “no” to anyone or anything which is ‘bad.’ ❤️


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