But She Does Say It…

A few years ago my husband came in the house to tattle on a little one.  He told one little man not to run through the yard.  His little cousin, sticking up for her cousin,  told my husband “you’re a dumb ass”.

Here’s the thing-

She said it.

She heard it somewhere.   She has no idea what it means.  But she said it.  And her mom, sitting inside with me, had to address it.

The mom was startled when my husband tattled.  I’m not calling my husband out as a tattler here…..I don’t think.  What I mean is, mom was startled at what my husband was tattling telling us had happened.

The mom went outside, with me following, to tell the little one that we don’t say mean things.  We don’t call people names.

I just stood there trying to do the right thing and not react to the child, or to the mother’s admonishments.   But there was another little girl child observing.  And the other child who was observing  didn’t think mom understood correctly.

Mom told the first little she-child again “you don’t say things like that”.  She said it about four times more, not sure what else to say.  She kept repeating it like that would help it sink in.

The second little she-child piped up as mom kept trying to insist that the first little she-child does not say these things.   The second little girl spoke up  and said “yes she does, she called him a dumb ass”.

Her clarification made it clear.

She does, indeed, say this.

Mom can say it all she wants, but the child does, say it.

Even when it’s wrong, it’s sometimes funny.

34 thoughts on “But She Does Say It…

  1. Oh wow, what can I say, “but she does say it”, and once It’s been said, it’s been said, and I wonder where she first heard what she said, for her to pickup what she does say !!


    • 😉 I have to say Debra, I couldn’t stop from laughing that day. When the other child was like “no, she DOES say that!” I think was the best moment. But oh those awkward parent moments….. thankfully we survive them!

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  2. I accidentally said the word “shit” in front of my first grandson in the morning and heard him repeat it within 5 minutes. My grown kids heard me say this often.Dont know why but it was my go-to word when someone got dirty before church, dropped and broke something and Spills! Oh my did I dislike spills in the early days of single parenting!! I’m chuckling with no one present like a Madwoman! 😀
    Anyway every 15 minutes I would say “Shoot!” adding something funny or upsetting to my grandie. I was trying to wipe out the original word a day replace it. Seriously!
    A half hour before my daughter came home, I heard Skyler say, “Oh, shit!” (Ok, I was screwed. Daughter gave me a long lecture and I said it wasn’t like the “F” word. I quit then and there using the bad words. Phew! ❤️


    • I’m chuckling because I soooooo get this. My first husband was a tremendously skilled “cusser”. He freely spoke the ‘f-word’ even in front of the baby. I used to tell him that when the baby says it it will be in front of his mother and he can explain it. Sure enough, that’s exactly what happened. She knew who to hold accountable.


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