Despite The Thieves

In the sounds that reverberate and echo

From my voice spoken, and my voice restrained,

I, Exist.

With heavy step, heavy brow, squinted eye,

Of disappointment,

I, Exist.

Through blinding brilliant light, and

Fleeting breath of exhilaration,

I, Exist.

Along the debris I create

And leave behind my trodden path,

I, Exist

Upon my soul, upon my heart,

Upon the inhalation of energy I consume,

I, Exist.

Despite the thieves who lurk, amongst

And twisted in my way,

I, Exist.

Like no other ever has,

I, Exist.





My wish isn’t that anyone read this as “I” wrote it, but as “you” exist.

27 thoughts on “Despite The Thieves

  1. There’s a great deal of weight in your words, Colleen. i am reading your posts backwards as I catch up, and I think I see why you needed to find that silence and quiet of getting away into nature for an infusion of peace. Things were heating up somewhere. I hope you’re feeling the relief and release you need as another work week is upon you, dear friend.


    • Thank you very much Debra. Sometimes the things I write are out of order of what is going on in my world. šŸ˜‰ I can’t thank you enough for being concerned, and I promise all is well. šŸ™‚


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