Fare Guaranteed

It’s no where to be found.






My friend and I sat for hours at a coffee shop today.

While discussing life and work and more life

We had a difficult time figuring out where common sense has escaped to.

Please feel free to start a list in the comments

About where common sense has vanished from.


By some odd chance you still have it in your part of the world,

I will send fare for you to put it on a plane, train or bus,

And send it back here.

48 thoughts on “Fare Guaranteed

  1. My dad possessed great common sense, .. One day I did show up to work on a Monday, arm in plaster from my Saturday football match,….. and he said to me…. “You know Ivor”…. “There’s only so much book-work in the plumbing game”…… so that was end of me playing football, and I become a proper plumber !!

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  2. Sadly, common sense is rather uncommon in today’s society. A loss of great magnitude. It would seem prudent to pursue the resurrection before it is lost forever. Let the search begin. Thank-you!

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  3. oh yes, there is always reason to believe that common sense has disappeared … you look over the whole, over situations and can only despair. In addition, we forget that the common sense in us in the smallest unit sits. One must start in the small to change the overall picture? Easy said, I wished I could find more sense in myself…..

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  4. Oh, dear! I wrote something about common sense and didn’t wait long enough for publishing my comment. I think the everyday people are confused, not necessarily lacking common sense. I wonder why they blindly are saying some famous people are doing a great job. It is confusing. Not sure how it has blown or flown out the window, Colleen. 🤔


    • You may very well be right Robin. I can see how confusing things are. But hand in hand with that is…..we need to use our common sense to tell us to stop the nonsense, if it doesn’t ‘make’ sense, maybe it has no sense. 😉


  5. I think the key word is “common” and that’s our problem! What makes sense to one doesn’t to another. It’s the price we pay for not being robots, I guess. LOL! That being said, I’m confident that my brand of common sense is far superior to anyone with whom I have disagreement, and I have LOTS of that disagreement. Sometimes my antidote to total frustration is to pull myself into a little ball and just minimize, minimize, minimize engagement. It’s much easier. Ha!


    • I think many of us are ‘guilty’ of thinking our common sense is far superior. 😉 However….I think the key word is ‘common’ and that ‘common’ is the basic denominator in what should be logical. For example-‘don’t kill people’. Seems basically a very common sense kind of thing we should all believe in. I know that’s a biggy, but I think there are just basic things we have lost sight of. Sigh. But, that’s just my superior way of thinking! 😂


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