It Was Mine

I went out into the world

To find a place,

To be alone,

And claim it as my own.


I breathed.

I was still like I never allow myself to be.

And it was mine for as long as I needed it.

Then I returned it as I found it.

I needed this.

I did this.

I will do it again.

47 thoughts on “It Was Mine

  1. This looks like the perfect retreat to fill your soul with serenity, to be as one with nature, then respectfully leave only a soft footprint behind. One must replenish the “you” in order to be a good and happy “us”. Thank-you!


  2. Absolutely beautiful, Colleen. We all need it, of course, but at times we simply run right past the feeling into something else. When we first recognize the stress building and the need for quiet, we ought to prioritize a time just like you share here. We’d be so much better for it. Lovely!


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