The Contradiction of Truth

I’m not what you think I am.

And I’m not what I hope to be.

I am a coward who can have brave moments.

I am not a thief but I might steal to survive.

I am not a killer but question if I could kill to protect my child.

I’m not an advocate but I will stand up for what I think is right.

I write my thoughts but I don’t write my all.

I do not fear death but I do not want to die.

I do good deeds but fail at genuine kindness.

I have worked hard at many things and have yet to meet my potential.

I love but don’t always act with love.

I cannot carry a tune but I sing every day.

I cherish my family but don’t always make the time.

I think I am good but know I am capable of bad.

I try to be responsible and succeed at times in doing nothing.

I am realistic to the core but dream of possibilities every day.

I am rooted firmly in home but yearn for adventure.

I believe in God but do not understand religion.

I speak with truths but do not always tell the truth.

I am what ever you think of me but not who you think I should be.

I’m not what you think I am.

And I’m not yet what I can be.

33 thoughts on “The Contradiction of Truth

  1. “In the contradiction lies the hope.” – Bertolt Brecht. Most of us remain works in progress, no matter where we are in our lives. Your understanding of your contradictions gives me hope for my own. Thank-you!


  2. You are so insightful and wise. Your understanding is a gift for your fellow man, Colleen. They will love you for your modesty and for your mistakes.
    It is nice that we are never finished and know that we can become so much we are not yet. That gives hope. Religions are confusing and I do not really want to be constricted by a religion because I know that a God would never constrict, but would always see that it is possible to carry all of its inside out.
    But in one point I contradict you. You are not like others would like to be like? Is there a dream person, an ideal existing? I do not think so! Of course we want basic things like honesty, loyalty, faithfulness, truth, etc. BUT we love the people exactly as they are … with all their mistakes. The art of life is to deal with it, to show each other the love and to create trust and togetherness.


  3. As I read this wonderfully insightful list of contradictions it comes to mind that it would be helpful in our development if even as children we were introduced to the idea that contradictions exist. I think it would answer a lot of questions we encounter along the way!


    • oh, that’s a good thought: accepting contradiction.
      We tend to think logically but do not notice that humans are often not logical in their actions. I think that’s because we have unfathomable emotions. In addition, our perspective on the things of life is very subjective, and subjectivity is not good at judging interpersonal matters. So we have to say that we accept the contradiction that we see because it’s just our contradiction. That’s like optical illusions. We see a contradiction that we accept when we understand it.

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