Life On Ice

Even when we are running non-stop

We can be frozen in place.


There are times of my life I wouldn’t mind being frozen in,

For just a little longer than what we get them for.

Other times,

Not so much.


27 thoughts on “Life On Ice

  1. I love this illustration, Colleen! It made me chuckle. You are so right. I guess it’s a good thing we can’t actually control time. Who knows what decisions we’d end up making. 🙂


  2. I have been more often caught in the wish “to hold back time” or having myself be “transported away from situations,” Colleen. I’m sure these are related closely to the frozen in time place! 😉
    The days I stood in court describing the effects the children living in abusive situations we’re ones I wished to escape. Very similar to your own professional experiences which you have many more years of experience! I had to leave Lancaster, child advocacy and try to not look back. . .
    What I learned from my experience was that I could not be a Peace Corps worker nor someone in social work. What I learned that helps me every day: not to underestimate the other person’s daily walk who seems “grumpy” or “mean.” I pass this hopeful thought to my own grandies. “What do you think could have made that person say (or do) that?” “Could they have lost someone special or their dog recently?” 💞 They can come up with so many reasons now why someone wasn’t nice but may be nice on other days. . . 🤗


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